Home Remedies for Tonsils Without Antibiotics

The tonsils contain certain cells that trap any infection entering your body.  however, the tonsils themselves may get infected by the very same germs that they work to resist.

When this happens, the tonsils get swollen and inflamed, causing pain and discomfort.

Do you know you can Actually get rid of tonsils without antibiotics.

Here are Some home remedies that can help you get rid of tonsils.

1. Salt Water

“The warm water will have a soothing effect and the salt will help kill the infection or bacteria. Plus, salt helps reduce inflammation, giving you instant relief.”

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2. Warm tea with raw honey

Warm beverages like tea can help to reduce discomfort that can occur as a result of tonsillitis. Raw honey, often added to tea, has strong antibacterial properties, and may help to treat the infections causing the tonsillitis.

Drink tea warm instead of hot, and stir in the honey until dissolved. Certain teas may strengthen the benefits of this home remedy. Ginger tea, for example, is a strong anti-inflammatory, as is fennel tea, which can help to reduce inflammation and discomfort.


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3. Get Plenty of Rest

When your body’s under stress, you need plenty of downtime to help speed up healing. Prioritize getting good sleep (at least seven to nine hours a night), give yourself a break from the gym or your usual exercise routine for a few days, and do what you can to reduce stress. Any unwanted stress takes away your body’s limited energy, which you want to put toward getting better fast.


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4. Ginger

Ginger contains a compound called gingerol that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Fresh ginger is also proven to exhibit antiviral activities, which makes it all the more suitable for curing tonsillitis.


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 5. Soups And Broths

Tonsillitis can also be a side effect of a sore throat or cold. Consuming hot soups and broths made from veggies and chicken can be quite helpful in soothing and healing a sore throat. The various nutrients in them help you recover faster and also improve your immunity. Hot soups can also provide immediate relief from swollen and inflamed tonsils by reducing the pain and swelling associated with the condition. You can also add herbs like garlic and ginger to your broth for added benefits.

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6. Warm Milk

Milk is a proven remedy against many infections, including tonsillitis. Daily consumption of milk can help soothe your inflamed tonsils and relieve pain. The combination of milk with turmeric and pepper is even more effective against tonsillitis.


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