Fending off the Flu : Avian flu

avian flu

Fending off the flu : Avian flu

To help prevent any infection, consume healthful ingredients, get sufficient sleep, exercise frequently and wash your hands frequently. A flu (influenza)
shot is suggested for anybody who wants to lessen the threat of flu, but in particular for the excessive-hazard companies under.
• Who desires a flu shot? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends
annual flu photographs for the companies beneath.

 Avian flu Age Groups:

1. People at excessive hazard of headaches from the flu, including:
• Children age 6 months until their 5th birthday
• Children 5 years of age or older and adults with a continual
circumstance (including asthma, diabetes or coronary heart disorder)
• Pregnant girls
• Adults age 50 and older
• Residents of nursing houses and other lengthy-time period care
2. People who stay with or take care of the ones at excessive hazard of
headaches from the flu, which include:
• Caregivers and family contacts of anybody at excessive hazard
• Household contacts and out-of-domestic caregivers of children
underneath 6 months old (these children are too younger to get
the flu shot)
• Health care people
• Who need to keep away from flu pictures?
Flu photographs are safe for almost all of us. However, if you’ve had
a critical reaction to a dose of flu vaccine, or are allergic to
eggs, or have history of Guillain-Barré syndrome, ask your
physician for advice.
• What’s the first-class time for a flu shot?
Flu pictures need updating each year due to the fact the virus lines
change often. It’s satisfactory to get your flu shot in October
or November for protection within the top of the flu season

• What are the aspect outcomes?
Some people may also have a minor reaction, inclusive of soreness at the injection website, moderate muscle aches or a slight fever for more than one days in a while.

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