Exercising for a Healthy Heart

Exercising for a Healthy Heart

Exercising for a Healthy Heart

Hypertension means the increased blood pressure . It has become a very drastic health problem because a large number of people are facing the problem of hypertension throughout the world .Though blood pressure increases with the advancement of age . In yesteryear’s, hypertension used to be considered a middle age problem but nowadays , the youngsters are also having the problem of hypertension due to their faulty lifestyles.

Prevention and Management of Hypertension

The person who have hypertension have more seriousness to know their measure of blood pressure instead of doing something to prevent it  . Hypertension can be prevented as well as manged , if one follows the below mentioned points appropriately:

1. Change in the Lifestyles :

A change in the lifestyle can be a boon to the persons having hypertesnions. They should tke proper and balanced diet . They should not lead sedentary lifestyles . Instead of this, thry must lead active and healthy lifestyles.

2. Exercise or Sports Activities : 

Exercise or sports are usually helpful in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. In fact, exercise lower the blood pressure through some possible mechanisms. Moderate exercise with high intensity are very effective for along term blood pressure lowering programme , in the beginning ,walking should be at slow pace , then gradually it should be kept in mind that the patients of hypertensions should perform such activities.

Exercising for a healthy heart

If you exercise regularly, you may lower your risk of a heart
attack and stroke. If you’re middle-aged or older and haven’t
been exercising regularly or have a chronic health problem,
work with your doctor to develop an exercise program. To
condition your heart safely:
• Start at a comfortable level of exertion
Try walking five to 10 minutes over a short distance indoors.
Increase five minutes a session, as tolerated.
• Schedule regular exercise
Aim for 30 to 60 minutes a day of low- to moderate-intensity
physical activity.
• Include variety
Combine three types of exercise — stretching (flexibility),
endurance (aerobic) and strengthening (weight training) —
and three levels of intensity — warm-up, workout level and
cool-down — in each exercise session.
• Cross-train to reduce your risk of injury
Alternate among exercises that emphasize different parts of
the body, such as swimming, bicycling and walking.
• Don’t overdo it
Start slowly and build up gradually, allowing time between
sessions for your body to rest and recover. And forget the saying
“No pain, no gain.” A little muscle soreness when you do
something new isn’t unusual, but soreness doesn’t equal pain.
If it hurts, stop doing it.
• Increase your physical activity

Activities such as gardening, climbing stairs  burns calories and help improve your
health. Just keep moving: Walk or bike to the store instead
of driving, park farther away at the shopping mall, take the
stairs instead of an elevator.

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  1. Very Nice and informative article. i know todays generation is quite a bit in hurry, youngesters also have some sort of problems and they are facing problem with their tension. You have given nice tips for managemnet of hypertension appreciate your writing.

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